Save time.
REDUCE costs.
Prevent hazards.
Save time. REDUCE costs. Prevent hazards.

Nothing performs like

Lock Joint

Prevents displacement
& cracking

Movement due to soil and tree roots is inevitable. In footpaths without Lock Joint™, this movement causes vertical displacement between the pavers also known as ‘stepping’ and can cause tripping hazards.

Lock Joint’s unique curve locks together the adjoining pathway paving sections, allowing for movement without any cracking or unevenness between pavement sections.     

Outperforms the competition

In independent tests by NATA certified engineers, pavement sections installed using our patented pinnable Lock Joint™ design moved by only 0.6mm when subjected to vertical displacement of 110mm.

In similar tests, at a vertical displacement of 108mm, pavement joins using our competitors’ products caused a significant increase in concrete panel stepping at the joint. In fact, movement increased by a staggering 80% when using our competitors products instead of Lock Joint™.

Designed to last

When installed correctly, the Australian designed and made Lock Joint™ will last for the lifetime of your footpath. Independent tests show Lock Joint keeps pathways crack-free and intact even when subjected to vertical uplift displacement of almost 200mm. Even in these extreme conditions the displacement between adjoining pavers was still well under the height at which remedial grinding would be required.

It’s clear that Lock Joint can significantly reduce maintenance and replacement costs over a lifetime.  

Fast and easy to install

Lock Joint™ is packed with thoughtful features to make installation simple and efficient. Its unique flat bottomed design makes placement and handling easy, and its convenient, removable rubber capping peels back quickly to reveal a smooth join.

Our patented Pinnable and All-in-One (expansion joint) designs also come with a steel pin to hold the joint in place and prevent the need for holding bars, pegs or clamps during the concrete pour.  

Lock Joint

comes in three designs

Original Lock Joint™

The original, award-winning Lock Joint™ control joint is an excellent solution for reducing maintenance costs and reduce hazards in any footpath or cyclepath.

Pinnable Lock Joint™

Pinnable Lock Joint™ makes installation even easier than before. It includes all the features of the original Lock Joint™, plus a steel fixing pin that eliminates the need for support boards.

All-in-One Lock Joint™

Say goodbye to sealants and bitumen board. This all-in-one expansion joint includes all the benefits of the Pinnable Lock Joint™, plus the addition of built-in compression foam.


Zip Off Rubber Cap

The top of the rubber cap zips off for a smooth, clean finish. The remaining lower part of the cap seals the top of the joint, preventing dust and sand from entering and inhibiting weed growth.

Unique curved design

Lock Joint’s sinusoidal (curved) design results in a more even distribution of weight, preventing panels from lifting or sinking due to tree roots or soil movement.

Pinnable Design

The Pinnable Lock Joint™ design keeps the joint straight during the concrete pour, eliminating the need for additional backing boards for support.

Flat Base

Lock Joint’s flat base design can stand on its own, making it easy to handle and install on-site.

Range of colours

Lock Joint™ is available in Black, Grey, Crème, Sandstone and Terracotta to match a range of concrete colours.

Made of Rigid PVC

Lock Joint™ is made of PVC, so it cuts easily with a hacksaw and there are no sharp metal edges that can cause injury.

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