You plan & build safe,
accessible pathways.

We help them stay that way.

Tree roots, sand, weeds— a concrete path’s biggest nemesis is nature, and maintaining accessible and safe pathways is an ongoing, expensive, time consuming and relentless task.

At LockJoint™ Australia, we help to minimise risk, repair costs and complaints by encouraging councils and local government to implement proactive prevention measures using our easy, cost-effective product, LockJoint™.

We’ve been working with local government, councils and concreters to create safe and accessible pathways for over 20 years.

LockJoint™ is the brainchild of a local concreter who saw the problems faced not only with the constant maintenance required on footpaths, but the unattractive look of traditional expansion joints and the slow and cumbersome process by which they were installed.

Over 20 years later, the unparalleled LockJoint™ design has been perfected and refined to make installation fast and easy for concreters and create long-lasting, good looking, safer pathways.

“The increasing age of the population and the increased reliance on mobility devices emphasises the need for firm even paving surfaces.”
Victoria Walks Organisation
"The community now expects their cycling facilities to have minimal maintenance and a long life. Special joints, such as Lock Joint™ greatly enhance the riding surface of pathways."
Cement & Concrete Association of Australia

Our impact goes further than footpaths.

Helping the Australian Economy

We design and produce our products locally, so when you use Lock Joint™, you’re supporting our economy and providing jobs to skilled Aussies.

Reducing our Environmental Footprint

Because we cut to size during manufacturing, we’re able to diminish onsite waste. Lock Joint is 100% recyclable and all of our offcuts are recycled to reduce landfill.

Supporting Active Communities

By creating safer, smoother, accessible and more comfortable pathways, we’re contributing local governments in their efforts to encourage communities to be active outside.

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