Footpaths last longer with

Lock Joint

Lock Joint™ stops soil and roots from displacing concrete slabs, helping to reduce maintenance costs and create safe, accessible footpaths and cycleways.

Build a pathway
that lasts.

Footpath cracks, weeds, sinking and lifting— wear and tear on concrete pathways is not only unattractive, but also presents hazards to cyclists and pedestrians. Many councils, engineers and government authorities spend time and money repairing these problems after they occur. But, what if Lock Joint™ could help you prevent them instead?

Reduces Maintenance Costs

The curved, interlocking design prevents slabs from lifting or sinking, while its unique rubber cap prevents sand and weeds entering the joint.  

Improves Comfort & Accessibility

Lock Joint™ improves the look, walkability and rideability of pathways, ensuring they are user friendly and accessible.    

Fast, Safe & Easy to Install

Installation of Lock Joint™ is safe and easy to handle and our simple 6 step process makes it fast to install.

The proactive solution for safer, smoother, pathways.

80% Movement Reduction
Independent testing:

80% reduction in concrete panel stepping.

Lock Joint™ significantly reduces footpath displacement, even when subjected to extreme pressure from tree roots.
Tests by NATA certified engineers found that Lock Joint™ reduced concrete panel stepping by up to 80% compared to similar products.

Lock Joint™ is being used to prevent damage, increase longevity and reduce maintenance costs in thousands of kilometres of concrete pathways and cycleways across Australia.

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